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3 Bed Georgian Home

Some people think I’m crazy to run a prize competition to sell our family home! But following a lot (and I mean a lot!) of research I knew it would be the right thing to do. I knew that the houses in this street are really popular and that I wanted to do something for two charities that are very close to my heart. This seemed like the perfect solution.

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  • 1650 Square Feet
  • 2 Floors
  • 1 Living Room
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 1 Bathroom
  • 2 Ensuite Shower Rooms
  • 1 Kitchen
  • 1 Utility
  • 1 Cloakroom
  • Roof Terrace
  • Study Area
  • Secluded Garden
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Ground floor

Main Features

835 sq ft
1 Kitchen / Breakfast Room
Living Room
Roof Terrace
Utility Room

Lower Ground Floor

Main Features

815 sq ft
3 Bedrooms
3 Bathrooms
Secluded Garden
Study Area

Jeremiah’s Journey

Our Charity

Jeremiah’s Journey is a local charity which supports children, young people and their families who are anticipating the death of someone special, due to a terminal illness, or when someone special to them has died. The team at Jeremiah’s Journey helps people on a one to one basis and as part of a group programme. Please support Jeremiah’s Journey buy purchasing a ticket for the prize competition to win a lovely Georgian House as the money raised will help the charity to take a step closer to purchasing a building in which families can be supported through a very challenging time in their lives. Every ticket sold represents another brick in the wall.

For more details about Jeremiah’s Journey please check out the charity website link

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Keep Me Close

Our Charity

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Derriford Hospital cares for babies born from around the South West who have either been born prematurely or with other life threatening illnesses. As the ward has the highest level of expertise and equipment, the ward cares for babies from all over the South West and babies are often transferred from other hospitals for a higher level of care when needed. It is the only ward of its type this side of Bristol. In 2014 alone, the ward cared for 1209 babies and their families. We would be delighted if you would consider supporting our “Keep me Close” campaign aimed at providing new and improved parental accommodation for the parents of babies we care for on the ward.

Because of the nature of the babies we care for, the parents of the babies are encouraged to remain close by as, sadly, the lives of their children hang in the balance and we always want to ensure they are close by if we need to obtain approval for some treatment or in the worst cases, so that they can be with their babies in their final moments. During the time a baby is on the ward, we house as many parents as possible in our on-site accommodation. This is generally reserved for those parents who did not live in Plymouth so that they did not have a long travel in case they had to be involved in their baby’s treatment or discussions with the medical professionals. As you can imagine on an Intensive Care Unit, conditions can worsen very quickly. Currently we are only able to house four sets of parents. Three of our rooms are double rooms while one has a single bed and a put-up bed for emergencies. The rooms share one toilet and one shower and a microwave for cooking meals. These are hardly the best conditions for parents to live in with mother’s who have recently given birth and expressing breast milk for their critically ill children.

As it stands at the moment, as there are only 4 rooms, it is also the case that only the parents of four babies from out of area can remain on the ward. Any further parents would have to seek expensive alternative arrangements. The hospital do all in their power to ensure that this does not happen but it can lead to the parents of the “least-poorly” baby being asked to leave the ward. This is likely to be the case with most parents eventually and most find it heart breaking to have to leave their baby in the hospital when at a time then they may still be tube fed, totally reliant on a machine to assist them with breathing and weighing as little as 1lb in weight.

It has long been the dream of the hospital staff to provide better accommodation for the parents of the babies they care for and to provide a greater number of rooms to enable all “out of area” parents to remain on site for the duration of their baby’s care. These parents are dealing with an incredibly stressful time and creating a “home from home” would really help to take away a small amount of this stress by enabling life to remain as normal as possible under the circumstances.

If the hospital want to develop an area like this, they need to provide the funds for it themselves. They therefore introduced their “Keep me Close” campaign ( all dealt with under the general charitable umbrella of the Plymouth Hospitals General Charity with Registered Charity Number 1048679), aiming to raise the £2 million it is going to cost to completely redevelop a new area of the hospital and provide the parents of the babies with that all important home from home with en-suite bedrooms giving the families the space and privacy that these times require, fully functioning kitchens to enable the parents to prepare nutritious meals assisting in the well being of the parents and washing machines to enable the parents to truly be able to survive away from home. We will also be able to provide family areas for the parents to be able to spend time with their families and, in particular, the other children of the parents.
It is going to take many years to raise the total required but the quicker we can raise funds, the quicker we can make a difference and begin the process.

Given the number of babies that the ward cares for, it is likely that the staff on the ward will continue to affect the lives of well over 1,000 babies a year from in and around the South West.

Unfortunately, we do not yet have the medical expertise to prevent premature birth nor to avoid other birth defects or illnesses in young babies. It means that others will have to go through this same experience in the future and we just want to try to ensure that this experience is made as easy as it possibly can be in the circumstances and with your support we can begin this process.


Durnford Street

  • Durnford Street is so named after being acquired by Stephen Durnford in 1386
  • John Foulston, Plymouth’s most distinguished architect of the early 19th century, completed the initial development of Durnford Street with the building of St Paul’s Church in 1830.
  • In 1825 work began on the Royal William Yard. Durnford Street was used to accommodate Naval and Dockyard staff
  • Durnford was a select address for much of the 19th and into the 20th century and has become so again.
  • Durnford Street is now part of The Stonehouse Peninsula Conservation Area, designated in 1969 to fully reflect the architectural and historic interest and character.

What's Nearby

In Britain's Ocean City


The Theatre Royal is also walkable and attracts many of the big shows before they head to the West End. Plymouth Pavilions hosts some of the world’s best performers.

Train Links

The train station is a 20-minute walk and has links to the NE, Scotland and London, as well as Cornwall.

The Hoe

The Hoe is well known for attracting major festivals such as Armed Forces Day, MTV Crashes and British Firework event.


City Centre with its traditional market and new state-of-the-art shopping centre, Drake Circus. Voted the 2nd shopping destination in the South West, after Bristol.

Royal William Yard

This historic development is full of restaurants, bars and boutiques fast becoming THE south west’s favourite foodie destinations.


For schooling there is plenty of choices; we have a number of very good private schools on the doorstep, plus thriving primary schools, art schools, a choice of grammar schools.


The Ferry to France and Spain is a short walk and the foot ferry to Cornwall is something that you would make great use of over the years.

The Barbican

The Barbican with its independent shopping and nationally renowned restaurants, Mayflower Steps and National Marine Aquarium.


Plymouth is a two university city and hosts one of Britain’s leading institutions – Plymouth University.

Questions and Answers

How does this work?

How can I enter the competition?

There are two ways to enter the prize draw competition.
1) Enter the competition on-line which will cost £5 per entry. Purchase your tickets follow this link You will need to answer the competition question correctly.
2) Enter for free. Send the answer to the below question on a postcard, with you name and address and contact details.
The question you need to answer correctly is: Between which years was the property built?

Post to: K Nesbitt, Win a Georgian Home, Suite 150, 91 Mayflower Street, Plymouth, PL1 1SB

Is there a restriction on the number of entries I make?

No, you can enter the prize competition as many times as you wish.

What is the deadline?

We initially aim to make the draw on the 30th April 2018. However, if enough tickets aren’t sold, we will extend the deadline to 25th July 2018.

What happens if enough tickets aren't sold?

We will still hold a prize competition but the winner will get a cash prize, once all costs and 10% gross percentage has been paid to each of the charities.

Which charities will benefit?

Jeremiah’s Journey and Keep Me Close.

How will the prize competition draw take place?

All tickets are entered into an automated system on purchase.  An official computerised ticket machine will select a random winning ticket.  This will be videoed and shown live on the website.  A solicitor will also be present to officiate the draw of the prize competition.

What Happens After I Enter?

After you have made your prize competition payment you will get a ‘Thank you for Entering’ page, you’ll also receive an email receipt, remember to check your junk folder if you haven’t received it.

I do not receive your card details, only your name, address, phone number, email address and answer with number of entries. Your receipt is proof of entry and not your competition ticket draw number. This is automatically stored by the ticketing company.

How will my entry be recognised?

Each ticket is registered with a number, a random number generator will choose a number and whoever’s name and address is on that line is the winner. If you purchase multiply tickets then your ticket number will be entered the amount of times you have entered the prize competition.

The database is automatically generated from the payment processor when an entry is purchased.

How will you contact me if I win?

Telephone is the first port of call to give the brilliant news.

The payment provider automatically provides us with your contact details including your email address, should you wish to amend that information please email us from the contact page, please included your order number.

What about getting a survey done on the house?

You are getting a house blind. You can’t go and view it and you can’t have a survey done. If you decide you don’t want the property then you will need to sell it, and pay the legal fees and costs associated with selling a property.

What about Stamp Duty etc?

Conveyancing fees (up to £1500) and stamp duty will be paid by the sellers

What about Capital Gains Tax?

If the property increases in value from the level it was valued at for the prize competition and it isn’t your primary residence and you decide to sell it, then you could have to pay Capital Gains Tax on the difference.

What happens if the winner cannot be contacted?

In the event that the competition winner cannot be contacted within 21 days after the end of the contest a new winner will be chosen at random.

Can residents outside the UK enter the prize competition?


Do I have to be over 18 to enter the prize competition?

Yes. You must be aged over 18 to buy a ticket and enter the prize competition.

Do I have to pay to enter the prize competition?

No. You can enter free of charge by post.
Send the answer to the below question on a postcard, with you name and address and contact details.
The question you need to answer correctly is: Between which years was the property built?

Post to: K Nesbitt, Win a Georgian Home, Suite 150, 91 Mayflower Street, Plymouth, PL1 1SB

Can I enter for free?

Yes. Send the answer to the question on a postcard, with you name and address and contact details.
The question you need to answer correctly is:
Between which years was the property built?

Please post to:
K Nesbitt, Win a Georgian Home, Suite 150, 91 Mayflower Street, Plymouth, PL1 1SB


and win this home for only £5!

It’s not often that you get the chance to win a beautiful Georgian home in one of the most historic streets of Britain’s Ocean City. But this really is your chance - and it’s that simple. With the purchase of prize competition tickets priced at £5 each, this three
bedroomed family home with sea views could soon be yours.

Win This Home